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Marina Martensen

Color is more than layer of paint on the wall. It enhances the atmosphere of our surroundings in a profound way.

Martensen Painting can help you simplify the process of choosing paint colors. From the lightest hues to the deepest accents, we can show you how to use paint color to achieve the effect you desire.
We provide test colors. We can match or compliment your existing colors or create a whole new palette.

We work with you to eliminate the confusion of dealing with the myriad of choices available on the market today and to make sure you are 100% confident with your choice of color without filling your garage with unwanted sample quarts.

Our goal is to make the process of choosing color easy and believe it or not, fun…….

The initial consultation includes our first meeting in which we will discuss color options for your project on site. We will choose specific colors and provide a comprehensive list with swatches and material descriptions for you to review. Once samples are in place I will return to make any adjustments which may be necessary.


"Having professional help choosing colors saved us both time and materials.
Marina is a color genius and a pleasure to work with."

Kate B., Santa Cruz